Badder Melonade


Badder – Melonade

Product description

Our live resin badder comes hand whipped with a cake badder like texture and pungent flavor, little more cannabinoid heavy than sauce, so it’s even heavier potency in each strain and blend we offer.


More about this strain: Melonade

Badder melonade is a flavorful hybrid strain from Dying Breed.

The top reported aromas are a fruity, citrus aroma, with hints of melon. The top reported flavors are a sweet, fruity flavor reminiscent of watermelon with citrus notes.

The award-winning Melonade was created by crossing Midwest Best and Watermelon Zkittlez with Lemon Tree. This strain puts out a very sweet flavor profile, offering notes of citrus and melon.

The high tends to be euphoric and cerebral. Making Melonade a great choice for anyone looking for an energizing afternoon treat. This Animal Mints x Animal Mints backcross has a wedding cake. Style terpene profile with an extra thick layer of that gassy motor oil and fuel smell of an OG. Another strain certified to knock you on your ass when you smoke it. badder melonade.

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