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The selected breeding stock is then used for licensed clone releases and or in isolated pollination chambers to breed distinct strains, which are released as seed lines.


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Quality Pheno hunt

Alient Lab Company has been conducting a Phenotype Mega-Hunt. To search through thousands of plants before selecting the top .1% for clone and breed stock.

The dankest new marijuana strains sometimes originate as happy accidents, mutations or exceptions. That pop up during a breeder’s journey through an experience known as pheno-hunting. Abbreviated from the word phenotype, a scientific term that essentially. It means different versions of the same strain, when pheno-hunting cannabis breeders search. Through vast numbers of plants in order to find one with a number of exceptional qualities. Such as resin production, potency, weight, aroma and flavor.

Different phenotypes of marijuana can be compared to sisters who share a number of family characteristics, but are not exactly alike. Depending on the breeder, marijuana seeds will either be stable and express. Mostly uniform outcome or, if the strain was not stabilized. Cultivators will end up with myriad of phenotypic possibilities. Breeding new strains of marijuana is based on hereditary inheritance, that originates from the chromosomes of the parent donors. Like humans, cannabis plants reproduce. All using male and female aspects and inherit traits from both parents.


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